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MaxFun Listener Panel

Jun 20, 2019

Troubled Waters is a reboot of our long-running pop culture quiz show International Waters, hosted by Dave Holmes. We've endeavored to keep the spirit and tone of the original IW, though there are a couple key differences between the formats of both shows. 
On Troubled Waters, we no longer have British comics and American comics facing off against one another for "cultural supremacy". Instead of splitting teams up by their respective nationalities--with one team at a studio in London and the other in Los Angeles--the new format divides comedians into teams of two based on a shared grievance or preference, and all our comedians record at MaxFunHQ in Los Angeles.
In the episode you're about to hear, teams were selected based on their preferred way of spelling a popular breakfast snack. Contestants Brea Grant and Adam Felber were "donut" adherents, while David Gborie and Siobhan Thompson represented the "doughnut" contingent.
Troubled Waters launched in February of this year, and the creative team behind the show have been trying out, and fine-tuning, new segments. Your feedback will help them a great deal.
Thank you for taking part in the Maximum Fun listener panel. Please enjoy!